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What do bubbles in my betta tank mean?

If you have a male betta fish you may notice that at some point in time he’ll start blowing bubbles and making “bubble balls” for lack of a better term to describe them. You may be asking your self “what does this mean?”


Well, fear not, what it means, is that your little Siamese Fighting fish, aka Betta fish is prepping for reproduction. What he’s telling you, is that he is ready to make babies. If you put a female in the tank with him, they’ll make some babies.

Yes, I know, you may not be ready to have that happen, but your little betta is.

No need to be afraid, it does not mean that the water is dirty and needs to be replaced (most likely) all it means is that your betta is showing off his ability to build a bubble nest and take care of the younglings.

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