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Wasan Betta Fish Care 101

Betta Care 101

On a daily routine, always remember to check your betta for about 5 minutes to look for any signs of illness or changes in actions.  It is always a good idea to change your bettas water at least once aweek, But it is important not to over change the bettas water.  (Water changes will be metioned later).  Bettas dont really require alot of care. It is important to feed your fish about once a day or even once every other day. Remember that the fishes stomach is only about the size of their eye.  Referr to the betta feeding page for more info regarding foods. With all fishes, avoid placing your betta in direct sun light and more importantly stay away from doors and other places where a draft is possible. Other than that, there isnt much need to do for your betta.

Betta Exercise

I havent talked about this issue as much as i should have.  Along with checking your fish, you should allow your males to see another male or a mirror for about 5 minutes aday.  This will help them both phyiscally and mentally. The physical aspect is the fish gets a chance to display its fins and exercise.  It helps them mentally as they feel that they are super tough and have defended their area.  You dont have to let them see themselves/others for that long. Some people say that males will get to know eachother and stop flaring if done 24/7.   It is also possible to blow fins on Halfmoons if they exercise to much.  So along with checking your fish, make sure you let them get a work out.