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Betta Fish FAQs

Betta FAQs

Q: How do i go about breeding bettas?

A: The best thing to do is research. research alot. Breeding bettas isnt as simple as add two bettas and leave them. There is alot of work involved and it is important to fully know the information before attempting to breed bettas. My site has my information regaurding breeding bettas, but please I encourage people to check out other sites to gather more info. Remember that knowledge is power so RESEARCH.


Q: What Color of betta is more aggressive?

A: The answer is none. There is really no evidence that suggest that any coloration of bettas is more aggressive than anyother.


Q: Do bettas make good pets for children?

A: Bettas are a great pet for novice and young fishkeepers. They are undemanding, easy, and colorful. Remember to always watch over children when dealing with live animals because bettas will die, but they can also last for many years if cared for the right way. See the betta care 101 page for more quick tips on bettas.


Q: Can i keep two males together?

A: Yes and no. It can be done in many ways, but we tend not to suggest it as most people will not have success with it. In the past i have kept two male plakats in a community tank with no problems. Other factors such as how the fish was raised can also affect the outcome.


Q: Do Female bettas fight?

A: Yes. Female bettas like males can fight. While their fights are generally on a lesser scale, they can fight and cause damage to not only other females,but also to males. Usually when starting a female only tank, one female may be the aggressior and mini battles will occur. The reason for this is for the dominece. Or a pecking order. After a few days these mini battles should die down.


Q: Is it worth it?

A: Yes and No. For profit, No. For your own personal happiness, Depends on you. If you like it, Than Yes. Betta breeding will not pay your bills. Unless you are one of the lucky few that can make it work such as some breeders overseas. People should only go into the bussiness if they truely enjoy it. People like me with a passion for these animals will not care about the money and do it b/c we love to do it. There are many who break into the bussiness and expect to make it big, but my advise would be, follow your heart and if you love it, go for it.