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Betta Fish Facts You Likely Never Knew

Here’s are 10 betta fish facts you likely never knew:

1. Betta fish can breath air! They have a special organ called a labyrinth which allows them to breath air like you and me. This was crucial to their survival as they typically lived in low-oxygen water areas such as rice paddies, slow moving streams, and shallow bodies of water.

2. Betta’s are tropical fish, and fresh water aquariums are easy to maintain, which is why they make great starter pets for children.

3. Betta fish are highly intelligent creatures (for fish). With proper training, they can be taught to go through hoops, jump for food and can also ring bells when hungry. The fish can also sense their owners and swim towards the tank’s front before being fed.

4. The color of betta fish can help signify their health. If your fish has bright and vibrant colors, they are most likely healthy and happy.

5. Male bettas will sometimes flare at each other to prove dominance. If a betta fish feels threatened, they tend to flare by sticking out their gill covers. While males are usually the ones that flare, female bettas have also been known to flare when scared.

6. Bettas taste with their fins. The fragile fins of these fish have nerve cells, muscles, and even taste buds.

7. Contrary to popular belief, It’s the male that raises the newborns, not the female.

8. There are currently 65 unique species of betta fish.

9. The stomach of a Betta fish is the size of their eyeball, which is why you must be careful to not overfeed them. Overfeeding can lead to bowel issues.

10. The native fish family of bettas is the “Gourami” species.