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Wasan Betta Fish Care 101

Betta Care 101

On a daily routine, always remember to check your betta for about 5 minutes to look for any signs of illness or changes in actions.  It is always a good idea to change your bettas water at least once aweek, But it is important not to over change the bettas water.  (Water changes will be metioned later).  Bettas dont really require alot of care. It is important to feed your fish about once a day or even once every other day. Remember that the fishes stomach is only about the size of their eye.  Referr to the betta feeding page for more info regarding foods. With all fishes, avoid placing your betta in direct sun light and more importantly stay away from doors and other places where a draft is possible. Other than that, there isnt much need to do for your betta.

Betta Exercise

I havent talked about this issue as much as i should have.  Along with checking your fish, you should allow your males to see another male or a mirror for about 5 minutes aday.  This will help them both phyiscally and mentally. The physical aspect is the fish gets a chance to display its fins and exercise.  It helps them mentally as they feel that they are super tough and have defended their area.  You dont have to let them see themselves/others for that long. Some people say that males will get to know eachother and stop flaring if done 24/7.   It is also possible to blow fins on Halfmoons if they exercise to much.  So along with checking your fish, make sure you let them get a work out.
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Best 15 Steps Betta Fish Care

Is the betta fish you have dull or dying? Have you been looking around on the Internet for some vital instructions to improve the Betta fish care? Your search comes to an end here. In this piece of content, we bring to you some of the most valuable Betta fish care techniques that have not just helped the owners to keep their fishes healthy, but also have helped them keep the Betta fish disease free.



Tip # 1 – Size of the Aquarium

The first and foremost thing to check for a healthy Betta fish care is the aquarium or tank in which it is to be kept. Ensure that the size of the tank is large enough for the fish to swim around, so that it doesn’t bump or tear the fins and scales.

Tip # 2 – Use Clean Water

Water in the aquarium ought to be clean. Betta fish care water should be changed at frequent intervals. However, don’t replace the old water with the tap water immediately; instead use the water that has been set out for atleast 24 hours

Tip # 3 – One Betta in One Tank

Betta fish is known as Siamese fighting fish because it’s in their nature to fight. So, if more than one Betta fish is put in the same tank, it may perhaps result in a fight between the two and possibly will also lead to the death of one of them.

Tip # 4 – Use a Turkey Baster

When the uneaten food or debris settles at the bottom of the aquarium, tank, or the jar, the water may no longer remain clean. Hence, it becomes cloudy, unsanitary, and even starts to smell unpleasant. Therefore, one better option to clean the water is to use the Turkey Baster.

Tip # 5 – Test PH Regularly

The PH of the aquarium in which Betta fish care is done is supposed to be tested regularly. It should be exactly 7.0 – neither less nor more. Buy a PH testing kit to control the PH of the water.

Tip # 6 – NEVER Use Soap to Clean

In order to clean the plants, rocks, and other areas in the aquarium, NEVER ever use soap. If the soap is used to clean the aquarium, it could be harmful and may even result in the death of the Betta fish.

Tip # 7 – Cover the Aquarium

Cover the aquarium to ensure Betta fish care. This is important because if the Betta jumps, it could end up flopping on the tabletop.

Tip # 8 – Supply Meat to Eat

Betta fish are meat eaters. So, it is a better alternative to provide them the meat such as brine shrimp. Frozen bloodworms are also excellent and can be used for Betta fish feeding & for Betta fish care.

Tip # 9 – Don’t Use Marbles

Using marbles in the aquarium is not a good Betta fish care. Fish may get hurt, if that happens, handling sick Betta fish is more complicated.

Tip # 10 – Treat like a Pet

Some owners don’t do Betta fish care as they do it with other pets; hence, it gets prone to diseases. Therefore, treat it like a pet, clean, feed and care for it like any other pet.

Tip # 11 – Have Enough Good Bacteria

This is generally applicable when it is moved to a new aquarium for better Beta fish care. In order to keep the fish healthy, the aquarium should possess sufficient bacteria that process the ammonia and nitrites excreted by the fish.

Tip # 12 – Don’t Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics not just kill the unhealthy bacteria but also kill the good bacteria. Good bacteria are vital to maintain Betta fish care. For that reason, don’t use antibiotics in the water tank.

Tip # 13 – Feed Only Once

Many people suggest not to feed them more than once in a day because there is the risk of overfeeding them. And, the other factor related to it is the cleaning of the aquarium. The less the uneaten food and debris, the healthier Betta fish care you can provide.

Tip # 14 – Clean Your Hands

Clean your hands with a soap that’s non-toxic in nature prior to putting your hands into the aquarium or the water tank to ensure Betta fish care.

Tip # 15 – No Mirrors near the Tank

As the nature of male Betta fish is more aggressive than the female ones, it is better not to keep any mirror close to the tank. This will trim down the probability of it being stressed which apparently enhances the Betta fish care.
Hence, follow the above tips to boost your Betta fish care endeavors.