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Breeding a Tuequoise Halfmoon Male With The Green Female

I decided to pair my lovely turquoise bettas. The male is a young halfmoon from Ploybetta in Thailand . He is vivacious and rearing to go. The female is the mother to the previous spawn.





Im hoping they will spawn sometime in the next day or so.

spawned 27/6/04 about 50 eggs.

11/07/04 about 20 fry that i can see, they are double the size of the other fry tank and growing well.

5/08/04 The official body count is 18 healthy robust babies. About 3 so far have doubletails which tells me both parents carry doubletail in their genes. Not what i was expecting but atleast I will have a variety. I will be jarring some in the next week.

16/08/04 – I have jarred 3 fry tonight, all maturing well.

22/08/04 – 5 fry have been jarred now, 5 are in a grow out tank and 8 are still in spawning tank. They are growing very well and colours are now emerging. These fish should be up for sale in late september. If you are interested in being on the list for these fish please email me. Prices should be around the $15 per fish mark.

Here are a couple of the fry that have been jarred. Some of them look to have fantastic designs on their tail rays.

10/09/04 – Fish are now for sale, they are only 10 weeks old but most are ready to fly the coop.