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Betta Fish Tanks Choosing the Right One

The betta fish is indeed one of the most favorite aquarium fish of the professionals and even the amateurs.  Their bright colors make them truly appealing to anyone.  When keeping your fish healthy, there are a lot of things that you need to consider such as the type of betta fish tanks.  We will walk you through these factors that will help you choose the ideal tank fish for your betta.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Betta Fish Tanks

When you are looking for the type of tank perfect for you fish, you should also consider your lifestyle and the particular needs of your betta fish.  Some of the things that you should pay attention would be the size of the betta fish tanks, the decoration and how much decorations you can place, water filtration system, water testing and the other equipments that will probably be place inside the tank.  And because there are virtually hundreds of variation of fish tanks choosing what to buy can be a bit overwhelming.   So here are the factors that you need to consider.




When you initially buy a betta fish, they will be given to you in a small cup which can be okay for only a short amount of time.  Remember that they are a lively fish and they will require an adequate space where they can swim.  While the fish will indeed appreciate a huge aquarium, you also need to think about your space.  If the space where you will place the betta fish tanks is limited then a small size will be fine.  The bigger tanks will be better especially if you are planning to collect more fish.  They love to exercise and they will be able to do that in a larger fish tank.  It is also better for their health since large fish tank will have clearer water compared to the smaller ones.



There are different types of aquarium based on its shape; the bio tank, Zen tank, the fish tank with partition, bow front, round bowl and the traditional type.  The shape of the tank will not immensely affect your fish; it is the size of the betta fish tanks that highly matters.  This factor is more of a personal preference.



Finally, you should also consider on how to set up the betta fish tank properly.  You need to make sure first that the tank that you are buying is clean.  If there is gravel inside, you need to guarantee first that they are chemical free before putting them inside.   When you are adding decoration inside the fish tank, make sure that it won’t be too crowded.  You should also check the pH level of the water inside the tank once you fill it up.  The ph Level of the water that is safe for your betta fish should be 6.5 to 7.5.


When buying betta fish tanks, you need to avoid the flimsy and cheap tanks.  Make sure that the materials used are high-quality and sturdy.